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We are entrusted with the asset management of education funds and retirement funds.
I think it was difficult to make a plan by myself.
I was able to start asset management with peace of mind.
Please continue to support us.
I am always grateful for your help.
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This time, taking the opportunity of marriage, we asked the couple to review the insurance that they could not understand separately until now.
He was very kind .
I am glad that I was able to review it after understanding it well even though I was originally ignorant of insurance etc. thanks to the careful preparation of figures and materials.
Not only the insurance was reviewed, but also the future life plan was proposed, so it was a good opportunity for the couple to discuss about household management and future design.
thank you^^
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I had you review the insurance of the couple on the occasion of marriage.
He politely taught us who had no knowledge of insurance.
I think it was really good to consult with you!
They design our future.
I can rest assured and trust.
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I got to know office Ryu through a friend's introduction.
At first, I thought it wasn't much different from the others.
However, the more I listened to it, the more I was studying.
She suggested us the best insurance.
As a result of casual consultation, my family was saved very much later.
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I met Ryu in the office when I started thinking about insurance when I got married, and since then I have become an indispensable part of my future design.
I was hospitalized for two weeks in the latter half of my first child's pregnancy, and the cost of hospitalization at that time was lightened because I had medical insurance.
I also remember that the billing process was very quick and I felt that it was a great support.
I am very grateful for the introduction of insurance that suits our family's lifestyle, and for being able to design and prepare for the future through insurance.
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My mother introduced me to her.
It has been about 6 years since I reviewed my insurance.
Whether you talk about anxiety about your cancer family or an accident at your child's school, it's very helpful to have quick and accurate advice.
I'm glad I met her, who is reliable and has a wonderful smile.
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When I got a job, my mother recommended me to take out insurance, and I was introduced to the office Ryu.
I didn't know about insurance at all, but I'm glad that the explanation was very easy to understand and he talked from the same perspective.
I got insurance for the first time today, but I'm really glad that I was able to join at the office Ryu.
I look forward to working with you.
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I learned so much that I felt that everything left an impression on me, but I was more impressed by the fact that I was more concerned about my husband's health than talking about insurance and gave me various advice.
If I hadn't met the office Ryu, I would have lived my life with troubles.
Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions and kind response!
Thank you for your continued support.
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Best partners!
Office Ryu is a professional insurance agency, so of course you can consult about insurance, but that's not all!
The staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding money.
And above all, it's always a "smile".
Whether you ask a trivial matter or something that is not related to insurance, they will answer with a big smile.
Even a little consultation can be considered together.
It's from the user's perspective.
They think from the same perspective.
It's neither good nor better, it's the "best partner"!
I will continue to count on you!